I read about 52 books per year (one per week), even if I practically don’t have free time, except in the weekends (not always), when I definitely must dedicate some time to my partner and have a social life, so I just read 1–2 hours per day before sleeping. It’s part of my pre-sleep routine.
Anyway I wouldn’t like to read more than 1–2 hours per day, actually sometimes I feel it’s too much. Not because I don’t like reading (I wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t like it). No. The problem is that it isn’t so easy to me to find a book that I really like and when I really like a book I don’t want it to finish. I want it to last. So I really could not spend only 1–2 days with a book, unless I don’t like it (yes, I finish all the books I start, and I’m faster with those I don’t like so much or at all). I need the entire week or even more.

So, really, this reading thing is very personal. There aren’t rules. And definitely it’s not a race. :)

Italian science fiction & thriller author, scientific & literary translator, biologist, science communicator, dreamer. 🇮🇹: www.anakina.net EN: www.anakina.eu

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