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  • Filmarket Hub

    Filmarket Hub

    The online platform that makes film projects come true! Online Film Market of scripts and co-production #MakeProjectsHappen

  • Roïya souissi

    Roïya souissi

    PhD student, writer and content creator on Youtube (Channel that translates Tunisian songs to English: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjyOLgHu-voG7V2Fd8jqqA)

  • Angel Das

    Angel Das

    Business Analyst at Novartis || Decision Scientist with Mu Sigma || Writer — Towards Data Science, Data Driven Investor & Analytics Vidhya

  • Matt Ray

    Matt Ray

    Top Writer in Travel, Photography, & Poetry. Recently circum-sailed around the world. Find all my Publications, Blogs, & IGs here: https://linktr.ee/mraymus

  • Christopher


    This guy was a real dogshit badarno - a real kelper. One minute he was verbally humping my leg, the next - he’s on sky - up talking some memo random.

  • Thomas Watson

    Thomas Watson

    Fiction writer, mystery and suspense on Amazon Kindle. Sharing my mixed up mind. Amazon — https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00987TVVK or Visit https://tmwatson.com

  • Peggy Haven

    Peggy Haven

    Freelance writer for hire. A Writer, Mom, and Coffee Drinker. Looking to help others through my words. https://linktr.ee/peggyhaven.writes

  • Pedro Escudero

    Pedro Escudero

    Director of engineering. Python & Ruby lover. Writer & role player (four fiction books published in Spanish). I never surrender. Now in Berlin.

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