• Valerie Brewster

    Valerie Brewster

    Book designer, typographer, self-publishing coach. Publisher of Bookbuilder's Almanac. Advocate for poetry, quiet, and homemade.

  • Sardinia in a Day

    Sardinia in a Day

    Un Giorno di Vita in Sardegna ripreso da Voi! Il primo Social Movie Sardo #OttoAgosto #SardiniainaDay

  • The Mars Generation

    The Mars Generation

    Building a stronger tomorrow by exciting our youth today about space & STEM! Educating people about the importance of space exploration. Leader @AstronautAbby

  • ןǝɹɔuoɾ


    Traveller with an interest in the far east, cycling, computing and creativity.

  • Walter Melo

    Walter Melo

    Revolutionary Holographic Universe

  • Sergio Ferraris

    Sergio Ferraris

    Environmental and science journalist, editor in chief of magazine @QualEnergiait. Pragmatic ecologist but convinced. RT is not sharing but information

  • Raffaella Ferretti

    Raffaella Ferretti

    50+, Italian. MA in English Lit. Bilingual writer. Poet. Editor. Freelancer. Teacher.

  • Paolo Pugni

    Paolo Pugni

    52: dad of 3 (27,25,21), husband of 1 (since 1985). I tweet about increasing profits: webmarketing, sales & export enterprises & shops. & family to improve us.

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